from BURN by TITAN



from The Great Fear: Plays by Jose De Francisco
Spain 1296


Act One, Scene ii:

Claire: The head that will become a skull is already empty. That is the sight of the mind so crowded to forget us.

Michel: Has she not sent for the prophet; been wisened by the cleric drink'd from the oracle's cup?

Claire: More truly than you know, she has.
It's that corruption;
her knowledge of it, and mine, that put it so unrestrained.
What you see is a black painting of our creator;
twisted, and twisted again.
The flesh of her mind,
it heats and rots;
it twists and rots.

Michel: The blood on the door, then, is hers?
And what of ours, which we share alike?
Is ours spilled,
or is what spilled a portent for me, to be me?
Kill thy physician
and thy fee bestow
upon the foul disease;
the emetic sigh;
this deafening image...

Act Two, Scene iv:

Rosario: Saturn,
hands colder than time,
sinks his teeth into the flesh of his children.
A black painting of malevolence and conflict.
hands older than ice,
a mouth hot with the blood of his own -
cast the flesh off,
like the scraps of a feast

Act Three, Scene iv:
Claire: "Orestes, here art thee?"

Michel: I'm in hell, I'm there still.
Will Apollo please, reach his hand to me?
Our hearts would swell,
would rupture;
should kill.

Rosario: Those I shall bear
will live forever in the shadow of my death;
on this side of the door.
Those I shall bear;
the sweet skin on their bones,
the stain on my teeth.
I am hungry, I grow hungry.

Claire: I came to you for the sore wealth of closure and we leave in that same debt betwixt.
We stand;
the missing hope of Holofernes,
on this side of the door.
And I can hear:
"I am hungry, I grow hungry"

Michel: I struggle to breath,
a half-submerged dog,
a canceled-fate,
a nothing-left.
This is the price of my throat;
I scream to the sun as a lion.


from BURN, released June 29, 2012


all rights reserved



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