from Victoria​/​Jeiunium by Ancress



Civilizations rise; they decay; they die.

As societies become increasingly complex, they become inevitably more precarious. They become increasingly vulnerable and, as they begin to break down, there is a strange retreat by a terrified and confused population from reality. This is the consequence of the idiocy of our elite - The inability to confront simple truths about human nature and the natural world leaves them unable to express new models or approaches. They, at the end, speak in phrases and jargon that don't correlate with reality; they retreat into their isolated compounds, indulging in unchecked hedonism, the accumulation of vaster wealth and extravagant consumption. They are deaf to the suffering of the masses, who are repressed with greater and greater ferocity. They become, at the end, extremists or ultra-conservatives, squeezing the last drops of profit from nature and humanity. We're cursed to repeat the cycle of collapse and, the greater the extent, the less they are able to understand what's happening around them. The earth is littered with the remains of human idiocy; we are condemned to drive our selves towards extinction, although this moment appears to be the fanale of the whole wretched show.

Yeah, 5,000 years in the making.

Now there's nothing left on this planet; we are spending down the last of everything we value. This time, when we go down, it will be global. There are no undiscovered lands left to pillage - no new peoples to exploit. It's a death trap, the whole thing. This is how all civilizations, including our own, ossify and die. They turn us into peasants and the world into a wasteland. Nothing to these people is sacred; we are exploited until exhaustion or collapse.

The desperate developed a belief system and erected gods. With the common understanding that these gods would come to life and save them all from disaster. It's the natural response tot he loss of control, despair, and powerlessness. This retreat into magic leads them, in their last moments, to a total detachment from reality - A reality that becomes too bleak to be absorbed. We think we've somehow escaped from the shortcomings of our past; We're so certain we're wiser and greater than those who came before us. We're willing to cater to fantasy and self-delusion, and, by the very end of it all, we're joyfully led over the cliff by lunatics. They look only for way to perpetuate this dying system.


from Victoria​/​Jeiunium, released November 18, 2016
Written by John T. Conover


all rights reserved



Hypaethral Records Toronto, Ontario

Label for dark & heavy music based out of Toronto, ON.

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